sexual harassment sham against Mayor Robles has been dismissed

Sexual Harassment Sham Against Mayor Robles Has Been Dismissed

Smelly Sham Causes Attorney’s to Fire Accuser Gavino

The sexual harassment sham against Mayor Robles has been dismissed last week. The unlawful termination and sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Monette Gavino, the girl friend of disgraced former Carson Mayor Jim Dear, against  the City of Carson and their new Mayor Albert Robles was suddenly been dismissed one day before  Gavino and Dear were scheduled to be deposed under oath.

Gavino filed  her unverified case in April 2016  and then immediately shared the filing with media through press release.  However, she has never served her lawsuit on any defendants. The City and the Mayor waived service and filed answers with the court.  This  allowed them to schedule depositions for both Gavino and Dear. Jim Dear is a former Mayor and City Clerk of Carson who was recalled from the City Clerk’s position.  Carson voters tired of a mountain of political shenanigans sent him packing  in March 2016. Dear blames Robles for his recall.  Documents filed with the state show the recall was initiated by a group of diverse Carson residents.

Monette Gavino is a former City of Carson council representative  hired by the former City Manager. Nelson Hernandez says he was forced to hire Gavino by Jim Dear who was Mayor at the time. The annual salary was $79,000. Gavino has since testified under oath in another case that Jim Dear is her boyfriend. The house she lived in was owned by  Dear.

Gavino’s Sham Cost Taxpayers Over $100,000 (YouTube)

The city attorney was directed to investigate Gavino’s hiring by council members Hilton and Davis-Holmes this week.  They want the city to seek reimbursement of monies the city has had to pay out because of her shams. Hilton disclosed the fraudulent lawsuit had already cost Carson taxpayers more than $100,000. Councilwoman Davis-Holmes wants a more thorough review of Gavino’s hiring because of her immigration and marital status when hired .

Gavino apparently came to the United States from the Philippines around 2009 on a fiancee visa. She married a friend of Dear’s in October 2010. He has  worked as a maintenance worker at Carson’s South Bay Pavilion Mall. Councilwoman Davis-Holmes wants to know  if Gavino’s immigrant status allowed her to work. Moreover, if Gavino was a U.S. citizen when hired.

Questions have arisen about the marriage as her husband was a known friend of Jim Dear. How he gained employment at the South Bay Pavilion has come into question. These are some of the things that can be learned if the depositions of Dear and Gavino had taken place.

Jim Dear  Faces Double Sided Sword If Deposed

Revealing the  conditions of Gavino’s employment could concern Dear, especially when taken under oath.  Felonies may have been committed.  Did Jim Dear get paid rent? If not, why?  Jim Dear could be charged with misusing public funds.  Either way, the answer is a doubled edged sword for him.

Depositions are done under penalty of perjury oaths. Would Gavino be willing to commit perjury to protect Jim Dear and face jail time or even worse deportation? A Superior Court Judge said 3 times in a recent hearing that he found Gavino’s testimony not credible and he did not believe her.

So could it be that Gavino came to the United States through a sham marriage? The facts surrounding her hiring at the City of Carson glare sham. Moreover the firing of Gavino by her own legal team screams SHAM.

Sexual Harassment Sham Against Mayor Robles Has Been Dismissed

Since the Sexual Harassment Sham Against  Mayor Robles Has Been Dismissed, the taxpayers of Carson have dodged a Jim Dear bullet. Unfortunately not before costing them over $100,000! Yesterday without shame Jim Dear pulled nomination papers to run for Carson Mayor in November 2016.


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