Raul Murga aka Roamn Ramon The Community Rapist IS Wall of Shame Newest Member

Raul Murga aka Roamn Ramon The Community Rapist IS Wall of Shame Newest Member

Raul Murga aka Roamn Ramon, the community rapist is Wall of Shame Newest Member of 2015.  This despicable carpetbagger has been the impetuous of the public unrest in Carson, California this year.  In our opinion Raul Murga’s picture belongs next to the definition of both rapist and pillager. He is the General of Carson City Clerk Jim Dear’s misguided regime of followers.  The so called chairman of the Carson Alliance 4 Truth lives in Pico Rivera!

Community Rapist Raul Murga is currently a candidate for a Board of Directors seat at the Pico Water District in Pico Rivera, California on November 3rd, 2015. You read that right Carson’s biggest troublemaker does not live in Carson but in Pico Rivera! He is the Chairman of the Carson Alliance 4 Truth that has been causing all the unrest at OUR city council meetings, on our public streets, in newspaper comments, and on social media pages such as FaceBook. He has also served as Jim Dear’s Campaign Manager as well.

He has verbally assaulted our elected officials and he has recently raped our city employees that have come forward to unmask the racist control freak Clerk Jim Dear who was unanimously censured by the city council this week.

Public employees, just like rape victims, have their identities protected from public publication to insure they are not victimized again by having their identities exposed. An independent investigator’s report with the names of 13 victimized city employees redacted (hid) had been released to the Daily Breeze. Raul Murga raped the city employees in that report when he broke the document’s security  and without sensitivity  distributed  virgin copies on the internet to anyone.

This “For Hire” pillaging trouble maker needs to be sent packing back to Pico Rivera IMMEDIATELY. It is estimated the shenanigans of Raul Murga have cost city  taxpayers in excess $500,000.