Why New Low Cost Political Email Blast Service | e-Political USA

Why New Low Cost Political Email Blast Service   | e-Political USA

Why New Low Cost Political Email Blast Service Is For Winners?
Earlier today, e-Political USA announced the launch of CandiMail, its new political eMail delivery service set to go live. For anyone with even a passing interest in the world of Get-Out-The-Vote Campaign Strategies, this launch will be worth paying attention to. It’s going to shake things up in 2020 election email delivery blast services.

Currently, with even a passing glance, a candidate will notice the competitors all fail at achieving maximum delivery results to the voters primary email inbox. The Founder at ePolitical USA, Tony Inocentes, makes a point of saying “things are going to change when bew brand CandiMail launches.”  Tony Inocentes, continues… “Where you’ll always see the competitors doing the same old things, CandiMail will uniquely deliver GOTV Political emails into the voters primary inbox. CandiMail will be more successful because the competitors mix commercial email business with their political emails which is a cause of poor delivery to a voter’s primary inbox.

CandiMail political email services only accepts political emails for delivery. . Ultimately this is going to be a huge benefit to our customers because political email is protected free speech and not subject to commercial CANN-SPAM regulations. .”

e-Political USA is a member of the Chemeria Consultancy Syndication that was established August 15, 1973. It has been doing business 46 Years this coming August. It has always aimed to provide the most trusted, reliable, and lowest cost, GOTV political campaign outreach services for get-out-the-vote outreach strategies.   Maximizing voter turn out is the ultimate goal. Currently, the closest thing to the CandiMail service is is spammy, slow, unreliable underachieving email delivery results.  That end up being quite costly both financially and at the ballot box.  But, CandiMail improves on this by being uniquely a 2020 political email service. This alone is predicted to make e-Political USA’s eMail blanst delivery more popular with customers in the Political GOTV Campaign Services arena, quickly.