Albert Robles is best choice for mayor in Carson: Endorsement

Albert Robles is best choice for mayor in Carson: Endorsement

Carson Mayor Al Robles, Jim Dear take election rivalry to courtAlbert Robles is best choice for mayor in Carson: Endorsement

The mayoral race in the city of Carson has the feel of a bad soap opera or reality show that must come to an end.

That’s why the editorial board is endorsing Albert Robles for mayor in his battle against Jim Dear, the city’s former mayor and recalled city clerk.

Robles has the best chance of restoring stability to a city beset with political infighting that has proven to be a damaging distraction to its government.

At the center of this chaos is Dear, who was the mayor of Carson for 11 years before being elected as city clerk.

Since then, city government has been turned upside down with charges and counter-charges revolving around Dear’s management style.

A report prepared by an outside law firm hired by the city to look into City Hall management portrayed Dear as a domineering and controlling person who bullies and frightens some employees. Some former and current employees accused Dear of making racist comments and creating a hostile workplace.

Dear was censured by a unanimous City Council vote a year ago.

Dear called the city’s investigation a witch hunt by his opponents, and “political baloney.”

In February, Dear was recalled by voters from his city clerk’s position. Dear had survived an earlier recall attempt when he was mayor.

This political circus must stop. The controversies involving Dear have caused distractions breeding distrust and division in city government.

Ironically, Dear, despite the recall efforts, told the editorial board he would bring “a caring and proactive approach” to city government.

Robles himself is embroiled in political controversy..

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is suing to force Robles to step down from his position on the Water Replenishment District of Soutern California. The agency believes the two elected roles conflict. Robles disputes that.

The quicker that controversy and one involving the state Fair Political Practices Commission is settled, the better it will be for the city known too well for its rough-and-tumble politics.

In the meantime, Robles is the better choice to bring stronger leadership to a diverse city that is desperately seeking a sense of calmness and optimism from city hall.

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