Carson voters should recall Jim Dear, install new city clerk

Carson voters should recall Jim Dear, install new city clerk

Carson City Clerk Jim Dear doesn’t deserve to stay in his position. He should be recalled by residents who want better for their city.

The former mayor’s erratic behavior and troubling allegations of intimidation probably would have gotten any employee of a private firm fired. But he is an elected official, so the only boss who can oust him from the job is the electorate.

Thanks to a voter-led petition drive, on Feb. 23 voters will be asked to decide just that: Should Dear remain in office?


Dear was elected last March, beating out Donesia Gause, who had been appointed city clerk. Gause was recently appointed to the City Council. She is seeking to replace Dear if voters recall him.

While voters clearly saw Dear as the top choice last March, he has done nothing since getting into office that shows he is trying to better the city of Carson. Rather, his actions are making a mockery of the government.

Instead of focusing on the job, he has created distractions. He’s tarnished the city’s reputation and cost it dearly.

Since Dear became clerk, the City Council he presided over for 11 years censured him after 20 former and current employees gave statements against him. Some accused him of making racist comments and said he created a hostile workplace.

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