Harbor Hub Bulletin Endorses Albert Robles for Carson Mayor

Harbor Hub Bulletin Endorses Albert Robles for Carson Mayor
Albert Robles for MayorHarbor Hub Bulletin Endorses Albert Robles for Carson Mayor

Albert Robles for Carson Mayor – It’s A No-Brainer

Attorney Albert Robles for Carson Mayor-It’s a no-brainer. It was only 7 months ago when Carson voters recalled Jim Dear as the City Clerk. We feel the fact that he has the gall to run again in Carson for Mayor speaks volumes for why no one should vote for him November 8, 2016.

He has been accused of many things, especially of ignorance, and he was unanimously censored by the city council 12 months ago for bullying staff and making racist remarks. It has been just one thing after another a relentless charade full of shenanigans that has cost Carson taxpayers plenty. Moreover let’s be honest about it he is surely a primary reason Carson lost the bid to bring the NFL to Carson. If you were the NFL investing over $100 million would you want to have to deal with the likes of a Jim Dear?

But rather than go on and on about the mountainous games he has played lets cut to the chase. A mayor Is someone who should listen to the wants of his citizens. Jim Dear has not listened to the message sent by the voters earlier this year that recalled him. This is a clear indication he listens to nothing but his ego.

Attorney Albert Robles Doing Phenomenal Things

Attorney Albert Robles has done some phenomenal things in just 2 years as Carson’s Appointed Mayor, most unrecognized. The complete opposite of his opponent, he has gotten things accomplished like the windows operating system, in the background constantly working and getting important tasks done and on time. Achievements with little to no boasting. Robles’ training as an attorney has been especially helpful in delicate negotiations.

Mayor Robles Secures Gift in Excess of $100 million for Carson

Gone almost unnoticed has been door number 2 in the NFL stadium deal. The property of the proposed stadium site prior to the NFL negotiation was not owned by the city of Carson. Even more the property’s reputation of being an unclean dump site made it little of any real value. Robles a renown real estate attorney insisted Carson get something even if the project failed to get the approval of the NFL owners. The negotiated deal ended with a clause that said Carson would be gifted the property if the project did not start. Today Carson owns that property, it has been cleaned and has been nationally advertised around the United States for free. The once valueless property could easily be assessed at hundreds of millions today . We know of no elected official in Carson’s history to come close in gaining such a gift for the City of Carson

Here are a few less detailed accomplishments under Robles’s leadership;

  • The Carousel home owners finally seem to be on their way to being compensated. Once again Robles’ real estate law background and his unbending insistence that the residents be compensated proves to be a winner.
  • Carson’s on time and balanced budget passed recently is the first in 10 years. There is high probability this will continue under Robles as Mayor. Another board he has sat on has received the highest recognition and accounting award in the state for 10 consecutive years.
Acts of Philanthropy Found

We have also learned of his confidential Philanthropy. We are not sure if it is caused by his professional lawyer status and the attorney-client privilege rules that drives his secrecy but Robles’ has been one of the larger Donors to the Carson High Football program and he has been one of the largest donors and supporters of the Banning High Alumni Picnic at Point Fermin.

In final consideration voters have to decide between a well trained successful professional attorney who has brought calm to the city of Carson after years of being the butt of jokes of the worse council in the region or returning the reins of the city to a retired substitute teacher known for being a bully, that created hostility, and being disrespectful to citizens and staff, who listens to no one especially the voters that voted him out of public office earlier this year.

All this adds up to   Attorney Albert Robles for Carson Mayor – It’s A No Brainer!

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