San Pedro’s Harbor View House for mentally ill

San Pedro’s Harbor View House for mentally ill

San Pedro’s harbor view house for mentally ill draws community scrutiny. A three-story residence for the mentally ill in San Pedro is coming under renewed fire by community and business leaders who complain that the facility is not properly supervised.

Members of the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council voted this week to request a meeting with the directors of the Harbor View House to express the concerns. Those administrators also will be invited to the council’s January public meeting to speak and answer concerns.

It’s not the first time Harbor View House has attracted negative attention.

Ten years ago, the large board-and-care home was the source of numerous 9-1-1 calls to police and community complaints about residents who aggressively panhandled and openly bought and used drugs.

Now, similar complaints are surfacing again, much of them centered around clients who beg for spare change at San Pedro’s nearby main post office, loiter in area parks and wander the streets of the historic downtown shopping district, some of them patronizing the area’s marijuana dispensaries.

“There is no supervision,” said neighborhood council board member Karen Ceaser. “They’re allowed to be out on the street 24/7, there’s no bed check, they’re allowed to roam the street and bring others” into their rooms.

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