Unions and State Latino Leaders Endorse Hall Over Barragan

Unions and State Latino Leaders Endorse Hall Over Barragan

Unions and State Latino Leaders Endorse Hall Over Barragan for Congress in the 44th District. Moreover, State Senator Isadore Hall also secured the endorsement of the Democrat Party over former Hermosa Beach Councilwoman Nanette Barragan  by a unanimous vote after Barragan did not submit the required request for consideration.

The current holder of the congressional seat Janice Hahn, is vacating the seat after one term as she seeks election to the Los Angels County Board of Supervisors this year.

The state senator has been quite busy and successful rounding up practically all the local union and leaders endorsements as well as the state’s leadership.  Barragan an attorney and former Whitehouse Staffer to Clinton, is backed by the Sanchez sisters and the national women’s organization Emiliy’s List.

Recently the Sacramento Bee published an article “Race, ethnicity inject tension into California Campaigns” that addresses a growing division amongst ethnic groups. But, the article points out that is not so in the 44th Congressional District race as state Latino leadership has bucked the norm and endorsed the African American State Senator Isadore Hall. Hall has also secured the local big Union’s endorsements as well.

But hold on a minute that does not mean the show is over for Barragan,  as she is expected to be well funded and she has been endorsed by national Latino and women leaders and the League of Conservation Voters. One only has to look  back into the 2014 election cycle to see that having party and union support does not make a candidate an instant winner. Case in point former Long Beach Councilwoman Tonya Uranga had all the union, local and state party endorsements wrap up for a smple Water Board seat and she got wiped out! One of the most embarrassing moments in local political history for unions and Democratic leaders when Uranga was the best funded candiddate yet didn’t even achieve 20% percent of the votes cast and came in 4th of 6 candidates overall.

The other big players in this race are going to be the Independent and Republican voters with California’s new open primary that empowers voters to vote for any candidate running. Then new format has presented a whole new dynamic and doubled the costs of campaigning.

Barragan’s campaign strategy backed by the Sanchez sisters is nothing new. As a matter of fact it’s a near exact repeat of the sister’s 2014 effort in the 31st Congressional race in San Bernardino County. In 2014 they backed a local  woman attorney and brought Emily’s List support with them. But the effort fell short as there were 4 Democratic and 3 Republicans in that primary.With a 4 way split of the democrat votes a hard working Republican was able to slip in as second runner up to face the eventual winner Congressman Pete Aguilar. You can bet the Sanchez sisters have their notes from 2014 and again are betting Barragan ends up at least in 2nd.  There may be a better chance for their plans in the 44th depending on how many candidates end up in the race and from which party.  Barragan and the Sanchez sisters are rooting for an all democrat general  election run off in November as the district is one of the heaviest Latino populated districts in the state.

But its the opinion of Harbor Hub is what means most to Harbor Hub voters is experience, reliability, and integrity. When they go to cast their votes many lose their allegiance to the party, unions and ethnicity once alone and inside the booth. A good case in point to support this is to look at how Janice Hahn came to be the current congressional representative in the 44th beating out an incumbent Congresswoman.   There is no doubt when we get to the November election this congressional race will be one of the most closely watched nationally, if there is a Democrat on Democrat election.